Jacob C Spuck M.S., GISP

 Jacob Spuck has 12 years of experience in the fields of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Archaeology, Environmental Science and Geomorphology.  Mr Spuck has been a licensed GIS professional since 2013 (License #52110). Mr Spuck has worked on GIS, Archaeology, Environmental Science and Geomorphology projects in a variety of states in the northeastern, mid-Atlantic and southeastern regions of the United States, in addition to his contributions to several international projects. Through a combination of experience at top-level undergraduate and graduate schools and working for the last twelve years in the field, Mr Spuck has been able to present his GIS and geoarchaeological research at more than a dozen national and international conferences, also being published in several GIS and planning journals.  Mr Spuck’s interests in the field of Geoarchaeology and GIS have been primarily concentrated in geospatial modeling and advanced spatial analysis for archaeological research, quantitative and geostatistical analysis of archaeological site distributions and implementation of geospatial technologies to document and record historic and archaeological sites. Experimenting with GIS-based models to encourage testing efficiency and predictive modelling to visualize Paleonvironmental variables have played a huge part in his research.

Mr Spuck also displays expertise in the field of soil science and pedology by operating a fully functioning sediment analysis lab. Over the previous year he has continued working toward a Ph.D. in Geography/GIS by completing all coursework requirements. Mr Spuck’s diverse background and education in the field of GIS, Geoarchaeology and Environmental Science allows him to quickly and efficiently contribute to a multitude of different projects.  Jacob is also an instructor of Geology at Clarion University of PA

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