Scope of services

Full GIS/Mapping Services

With a licensed Geographic Information Systems professional (GISP  License #52110 ) having over 12 years of GIS experience, AEC can provide a full arsenal of GIS services ranging from simple figure mapping to advanced spatial analysis and modeling to make your project complete. AEC staff has worked on some of the most challenging GIS tasks in the country, and also in Bermuda and Puerto Rico.   

UAV-Drone Aerial Mapping/Survey

 Have a Project that needs the most modern data possible? At AEC, Our FAA Licensed UAV Pilots can provide real-time aerial photographs/videos using our advanced 4k cameras, to add to your GIS maps or Reports and provide field monitoring on many of your projects.  AEC can monitor bridges, cell towers, oil and gas pipeline/infrastructure, wetlands, transmission lines, dams, mines, forests, farm fields, endangered species and construction projects.  We can perform area/volumetric calculations and even generate LiDAR/topo lines for your project.  Need Thermal or Multispectral imagery?  We got you covered there as well.  Our UAV surveys will increase safety and decrease risk to field crews also decreasing cost and overhead.  

Geomorphology/Soil Assessments

Geomorphology and Soil Assessments are often required as part of state and federal permits.  Allow AEC staff to use their 12 years of experience examining soils for construction , transportation, energy and infrastructure projects to complete your project and fulfill requirement’s designated by government agencies. AEC is capable of conducting advanced sediment analysis using state of the art microscopic technology and various dry sifting methods.

Archaeological and Geoarchaeological Evaluations

AEC employees have completed archaeological evaluations all over the Country, in regions including the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and Midwest. In addition, we are recognized as professional archaeological consultants with specialties in Prehistoric/Historic Archaeology and Geomorphology in several different states. Whatever your section 106 needs may be, AEC can lend a hand.   

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Magnetometry Surveys

AEC is currently has access to both low frequency and high frequency Ground Penetrating Radar Units. These units can save time and money when digging for a project is not yet feasible. Why risk thousands of dollars guessing when you can hire AEC to tell you what is underground or within concrete floors and walls by using non-invasive techniques. We can even provide you with a easy to use map showing you where your objects of interest are located.  Magnetometry instruments can also be used by one of our professionals for Archaeological and Geological studies.

Wetland/Stream Delineation and Permitting

AEC has staff available with several years of experience completing wetland and stream delineations all over the region. In addition to taking on various wetland and stream projects, our wetland delineator has completed 100’s of hours of professional wetland training, earning certifications from various agencies, including the US Army Corp of Engineers and the Swamp School. AEC can assist you with Water Encroachment Water Obstruction and other general DEP Permits.  

Historic Mapping/Historic Resource Surveys

AEC will combine its capabilities in historic research, historic mapping and traditional historic surveys to complete your historic resource project.   

Habitat/Endangered Species Mapping

If you are concerned that your project may have impacts to endangered species or are required to complete habitat surveys by a Government agency, AEC can lend a hand from start to finish for this process.  AEC is capable of performing endangered species surveys on land or in the water with one of our Open Water certified divers.

Phase I and Phase II Environmental Surveys

We would be more than happy to assist you with completing Phase I Environmental Assessments before you make any major decisions about a property or project location.    

Hydrologic/Discharge and Water Resource Studies

Using state of the art equipment, AEC can determine important data for hydrologic studies, including stream discharge, gage height and fluvial geomorphology data for any stream channel.  We can also perform Precipitation studies and Water well monitoring.  we can test water resources for the majority of contaminents and pollutants.

Geotechnical/Borehole Reviews and Analysis

 By utilizing advanced Lapidary Rock saws and specialized Geologic microscopes, AEC can inspect your geotechnical borings providing a great deal of detail about your samples.     

Water Quality Studies

We have a full arsenal of Water sampling tools to test both soil and water resources for heavy metals, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen, ammonia, chlorine, pH, Iron, Dissolved Oxygen and many other contaminants.  

Underwater/Diving Services

For projects located in areas over the other 70% of the Earths surface, AEC is well prepared for any of your underwater projects.  A PADI certified Open Water Diver on Staff is fully capable of conducting underwater remote sensing surveys, Underwater archaeological  services, endangered species surveys and underwater utility consulting.